Saint Berdoodle 🐾

Choosing the right puppy for your family and your lifestyle is far more important than solely basing a puppy selection on what they look like or what they will look like.

There are many breeders today that specialize in color, as they have been curious about this hybrid cross.

None of these are good reasons to adopt this beautiful hybrid breed

Being objective when evaluating this unique mix will help you make the best pup selection for you and your family.

They are NOT Mutts ! Both parents are AKC registered

So why would someone prefer this cross from a

St. Bernard?

The “Saint Berdoodle” is a large designer canine that could be classified as an active and alert family companion. This canine is a cross between a classified purebred working Saint Bernard and a classified purebred standard Poodle.

These sociable fur pups can be a prospective guardian to strangers arriving, which makes them an even better watchdog.

With plenty of human interaction, he or she will do best in a home with plenty of family activity while enjoying some off-leash activity, anything to be INCLUDED.

As an inside and/or outside companion, these outgoing canines will do well with other dogs and family pets. Much like the Saint Bernard, this breed can be also known as the ‘Nanny Dog”, patient and gentle with children.

The Saint Berdoodle is not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), but it is registered with several mixed breed registries, including the following:

* International Designer Canine Registry

* American Canine Hybrid Club

* Designer Dogs Kennel Club

* Dog Registry of America, Inc.

* Designer Breed Registry

“Doodles” have grown in popularity in recent years and the St Berdoodle is no exception.

Although, this breed is one of the lower energy doodles, they will preform any task, then take a nap. It is important

these gentle giants find a cool spot to snooze


Saint Berdoodles require a substantial calorie intake as they grow and to maintain energy and stamina as they reach adulthood. Typically, a large dog should be fed a high quality dry food twice daily with amounts totaling between 2 to 4 cups per day. The amount will depend on his age, size, build and activity level.


A St Bernard Poodle could have the coat of either parent breed or a mixture of the two.

This means it could have either a low-maintenance or a high-maintenance coat.

If you’re considering a Saint Berdoodle puppy, you need to be prepared for either case.


Companion Health


What by far sets them apart from a

St. Bernard…

First Generation Saint Berdoodle’s are still considered a Large Breed ! Note they can get up to 120 pounds. We strive to make sure they have enough room to run and stay active. This helps with their longevity!

The Saint Berdoodle’s can live up to 14 years, some every longer compared to a Saint Bernard of all 10 years. Also, another reason we decided to breed this hybrid cross.

They are all about pleasing their owners and being included.

Learning from each other and growing in love

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