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Elk Antler

Antler chews are natural, healthy, odor-free and long-lasting, keeping your dog busy and their teeth clean!

Elk antlers are less dense than deer antlers due to the outer bone to core marrow ratio being much lower. In other words, they both provide the same benefits and different all natural minerals sometimes where the dogs prefer one over the other.

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Brush Creek Shop Canine Supplement Line

Many studies have renewed our interest in the ancient philosophy of medicine that have been used in East Asia for many centuries. Brush Creek Shop is excited to start these new trends in nutritional fresh off the farm products for you and your animals. We are determined to introduce you to a lifelong consumption of EVA to get you and your canines where they need to be with their physical growth and bone development.

Our fur pups can’t get enough! Fresh off our local farms here in Iowa!

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Our all natural supplements have hit the market and Amazon in high hopes to move puppy buyers and other breeders to try a new daily routine with their new companions, breeding program and/or breeding stock. We want modern day breeding programs to see YOU too can supplement and support your dam and sires health at the same time they are in heat and/or pregnant. All these great all natural products 25% OFF in ONE ☝️ bundle BOX!

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