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I am a 7 year “Large” dog breeder, I have felt privileged to have grown involved in training superior purebred dogs and raised into my

fathers striving horse breeding program. With some big shoes to fill, many purebred dogs I adopted while pursuing my bachelor’s degree in science. My love for science and love for dogs finally came together.

I attended several competition hunts with my husband and his treeing walker over the course of us building our family. His hounds was the greatest opportunity for me to work side-by-side with breeders and enthusiasts in the dog breeding world. I found myself in a muddy hole under naked trees in the freezing night trying to understand the purpose these incredible dogs possess and the bond they formed with their owners. As much as I enjoy dog competitions and coyote hunting, I can promise you breeders who are involved in dog-related activity rise above those on the other spectrum who have a typical home life on a chain or kenneled. It is to my belief, that individuals who excel in keeping themselves active and in good health are often the same individuals who find relaxation and enjoyment in the company of superior dogs just as important.

Still learning as we go, I have been accompanied by my husband and his treeing walkers since 2010, and I am honored to have vocally harped on the inequities and favoritisms that take place with the sport. I have also had the opportunity to see good sportsmanship and a genuine friendship that can be built with a companion while being part of The American Kennel Association as well as The American Canine Club. The involvement with canine clubs and remarkable experiences in the great outdoors with these pups have encouraged me to chase after a dream of mine. My dream was to invest time and love into a family and share that companionship with others.

The anticipation to start this journey ten years later, here with everyone in our hometown, and breeders from all cross the US ; has been a remarkable feeling. The love and support never ends here at Brush Creek. We strive to get you a healthy fur baby that will be suitable to you, your home, and your lifestyle with endless love and support.

Aimee qualified for the UKC World Coon Hunt in 2009!

With family growing up around brush creek trout fishing and hunting, you can see the memories are endless. We are now here raising our children. I couldn’t imagine raising our family any where else. I can ensure you your pup will leave our farm with a beautiful life and adjust to any lifestyle. We raise them around kids and include them into our family activities. We constantly have them moving anywhere from morning/ afternoon walks to loading in the side by side to help chore around the farm. Our personal life style is very active in the great outdoors with daily walks by the creek, weekly baths, to snoozing at our feet while drinking an afternoon/morning coffee.

After a long nap, these gentle giants love cruising , we never feel we have to keep them at home due to their size but yet take them every where we go.

We are here to share with you our love for our dogs and our commitment to excellence



We promise them a beautiful life

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